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Trick Ball


Did you enjoy pool, bowling, pinball and arcanoid?Play TrickBall and have it all.

  • Trick Ball 1.02
  • Trick Ball 1.02
  • Trick Ball 1.02
  • Trick Ball 1.02
300AD  |  7 more applications - July 4, 2010
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Publisher's description

Did you enjoy pool, bowling, pinball and arcanoid? Play Trick Ball and have it all! You strike the balls and marbles of all colors with your player's disk to match them and to remove them from the board! Different levels have different physics - different tiles and backgrounds move the balls and marbles in special ways - make them speed up, slow down, explode. Each action you do costs you the points - such as move of your player's disk - or brings you the bonus points - such as destroying the ball or marble. Full version includes: - great fun in more than 60 levels - more graphics, more efects - online worldwide best score top list - support, free expansion levels - 30 day money back guarantee - and many more.. Great fun and action in more than 60 levels!

Minimum requirements

• PC 500 MHz, 32MB RAM, 3D video card

Additional info

Operating system: Windows

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 2006-04-30

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